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PR2 - Getting ready to teach and train with technology – Methodological guidelines

PR2 - Getting ready to teach and train with technology – Methodological guidelines

Due to the fast digitalization of the administrative system of most of the SMEs during the last year, and the need of tailored training programmes and activities in order to develop the necessary skills of employees to deal with remote work in a proper way, the VET providers and tutors need to adapt fast to the new requirements and training needs of the labor market. Consequently, the project result 2 aims to empower VET tutors to create, organize and manage authentic, innovative and engaging training activities for company leaders and employees remotely. Consequently, VET tutors will become masters of online teaching and training, bringing training services and activities closer to the SMEs, at just one click distance. This project result will also contribute to the innovation in vocational education and training and will increase the flexibility of opportunities in vocational education and training, tailoring the methodological framework for enhancing online working skills and abilities. As masters of online training, tutors will be able to help employers and employees combat the barriers and difficulties urged due to the fast technological approach of office work. The methodological guidelines will be developed by University of Paderborn and will comprise 6 modules, focusing on the following topics:

- Putting tech to teach

- Using technology to prepare and sharing content

- Using technology to facilitate virtual trainings

- Applying Universal Design for Learning principles with technology

- Using technology to assess learning

- Using technology to assess learning and teaching effectively in online environments.

The innovative component of the project result states in the fact that the modules of the methodology are tailored to help tutors design and implement the project Curriculum and toolkit and also they may be adapted to their own training material to de delivered online, maximizing the training results with the target group.  10 tutors/ partner country will complete the Getting ready to teach and train with technology – Methodological, guidelines through the Peer Group review and testing to be implemented. The VET tutors will be able to expand their knowledge and acquired competences to the VET tutors community at the level of each partner country.