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PR3 - Continuous Professional Development Curriculum

PR3 - Continuous Professional Development Curriculum

The mismatch of skills and competences of SMEs back-office employees and the dynamics of the labor market in the era of fast digitalization of administrative work and processes rises the necessities to develop a be-spoke Continuous Professional Development Curriculum, aiming at developing the necessary skills for remote work. The 3rd project result will outline the curriculum framework necessary for VET trainers so that they can offer training activities adapted to the current needs of small and medium companies in order to carry out professional work in telework, increase productivity and employee satisfaction and transform this temporary organization into a state of affairs on the labor market. By means of this project results, VET tutors will be empowered to develop the digital skills and competencies, soft skills and transversal skills overcoming skills mismatch and addressing the needs of the labor market in point of online working. The curriculum aims at developing the digital, soft and transversal skills and competences of the employees, so that they can adapt to the new work environment, without feeling the changes at psychological level, being affected their productivity, motivation and work results.

Among the directions for development identified in project result 1, the Curriculum will focus on:

- Self-motivation and emotional intelligence

- Communication and team work

- Time management

- Digital safety for employees

- Flexibility and productivity

- Digital safety for employees

- ICT Literacy for remote work

- Green organization of home office.

The approach will fulfil and respond the needs of the labor market, providing tailored educational curriculum supporting online working. Each module will contain activities for 4 hours of guided learning and6 hours of self-learning. By fulfilling the curriculum, the SMEs employees will be able to organize their work in a remote environment focusing on their motivation, productivity and promoting a green approach of administrative work. In this way, they will contribute to the formation of the new generation of digital administration in remote environment. The curriculum testing will be fulfilled by at least 10 VET Tutors, in order to be able to transfer their acquired knowledge and competences to their colleagues, becoming active advocates of remote working.

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