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PR4 - Adaptive telework toolkit for SMEs

PR4 - Adaptive telework toolkit for SMEs

Apart from the Curriculum for Continuous Professional Development, in order to assure the innovative and digitalized implementation and design of it, there is a need to provide tailored learning resources supporting the completion of the curriculum objectives and aims. The Adaptive telework toolkit for SMEs will provide the necessary resources for employees to improve and adapt their professional activity to the new organization. The toolkit will contain guided learning and self-learning activities based on the Project result 3 – Continuous Professional Development Curriculum. Therefore, each activity module will contain activities for 4 hours of guided learning and 6 hours for self-learning.

The resources will be developed with the help of digitization tools, and have as main objectives:

- Development of digital skills of employees;

- Overcome skills mismatch;

- Development of software skills and competencies of employees;

- Increasing the productivity of professional activity in telework regime;

- Development of emotional intelligence for employees working in telework;

- Development of organization, leadership and management skills adapted to the telework regime;

- Development of transversal competencies necessary for the telework regime.

The toolkit will represent a comprehensive training programme for back-office employees in the field of SME administration - financial, purchasing, secretarial work, human resources. The toolkit will be tested actively with the target group forming the peer group of the project for SME assuring the responsiveness to the direct needs and skills mismatch. The digital approach and design of the resources will assure the easy access and innovative design. A number of 20 SME employees in each country will be part of the peer group testing the Toolkit who will test and evaluate the resources and their degree of responsiveness to the labor market dynamics, needs and learning requirements. The testing results will be incorporated in the resources in order to assure the complete responsiveness and connection with the needs of the labor market.

Module 1 – Time management (FIPL)

Module 2 – Teamwork and communication (UPB)

Module 3 – Ethics and safety (GIE)

Module 4 – Get Green (CARDET)

Module 5 – Self-regulation (Rightchallenge)