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PR5 - Innovative educational resources compendium for SMEs leaders

PR5 - Innovative educational resources compendium for SMEs leaders

It is a fact that even the pressure of a certain context pushes the SMEs and other type of organizations/ companies to change their administrative and working approach and organization, the change is almost impossible without a management culture in the indicated direction. Thus, from the need to have SME leaders able to organize the work in the administration of their company remotely, the resources included in the Innovative educational resources compendium aim at developing the competencies of the future for managing the professional activity of small and medium companies in the context of digitalization and globalization. The resources are intended for leaders and leaders of key departments in companies, covering all the core fields of management and administration. For each of the following themes, a set of 4 resources will be developed:

- Human resources management

- Marketing

- Communication and leadership

- Quality assurance

- Administrative management

- Team building

- ICT Literacy for online management and safety

- Green approach of SMEs management

The resources of the Innovative educational resources compendium will be developed in mini  format, being easily accessible on any device, at any time and in any location, in order to maximize and make efficient the managers' time. The design may include short and comprehensive audio-visual movies, and short interactive and comprehensive video-audio presentations. There are resources for self-directed learning. This approach and type of design will make it easy for many SMEs managers to access the resources and overcome the mismatch of their skills and competencies, becoming able to transfer the administrative work of the company in the online environment.

A number of at least 10 SME leaders will complete the testing of the developed resources, becoming advocates of remote work in their companies and spreading a culture of online management proper to bring the employees’ motivation, implication and productivity at the highest levels. In this way, the SME management will be in line with the labor market dynamics, and these sources respond to the actual needs, risen from the necessity to organize the professional activity out of the office. Moreover, becoming advocates of remote working means that the SME leaders will become green managers, contributing to the environmental friendly professional development and work.