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PR6 - E-learning platform

PR6 - E-learning platform

It is the essential project result which incorporates all project resources and offers the tool necessary to allocate access to the resources according to the user’s interest and expertise. It assures maximum access to the project results and products, representing a training and development for employers and employees for online professional activity. It is a genuine up skilling resource. The project result will be the main learning interface of the project and will offer users an engaging learning environment where they can develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in remote working. This online environment will support employers and employees to engage in enriching autonomous learning and also to complete self assessments of their own remote working skills and aptitudes. Through the remote working resources developed, users will have the opportunity to interact with a significant amount of new information, interpreting it by analysis and self-assessment exercises developed to support them to become independent thinkers. The interface will be user-friendly and dedicated to 3 categories of users:

- VET trainers;

- Employers;

- Employees.

The resources will be also visible without being allocated to a certain public category. In order to assure personalized training for the target groups, the platform will incorporate a diagnosis assessment and, according to the results of this evaluation, the users will be automatically allocated the modules and resources necessary for them in order to become masters of online remote working. In this way, the platform will respond to personalized needs and will comprise the integrated mechanisms for media-rich learning. At the end of each module, in the case of the Adaptive Telework Toolkit and Innovative educational resources compendium for SMEs leaders there will be included a final assessment in order to evaluate the progress of the learners. Apart from the evaluation, the result Will bring together all project deliverables in an interactive and user friendly way, assuring the transferability and applicability of them in order to overcome skills mismatch and contribute to the Innovation which is necessary in vocational education and training.